Blancour: logotype and website design
Blancour is a startup hoping to make cosmetics more accessible on-the-go. Their travel-oriented, intuitive, and compact products are designed to make beauty easy for anyone with places to be. I was tasked with designing a logotype and product pre-launch website for Blancour to attract investors.
Fall 2023
4 weeks
My Role
Graphic Designer
Table of Contents
Mood board: masstige cosmetics on-the-go  
Blancour is looking to enter the "masstige" cosmetic space with a twist: products specifically designed to be compact, simple, and travel friendly. They want to be an experimental brand with an excitatory voice targeted at gen-z. I put together a mood board looking to capture their goals as inspiration for their logotype.
Mood board looking to inspire  my design for Blancour's logotype.
A sans serif logotype inspired by transportation signage to accentuate the on-the-go theme. The logotype is unique and bold to help Blancour stand out in a sea of masstige brands.
Blancour logotype: san serif, bold, lowercase.
A product pre-launch landing page to grab the attention of potential investors and customers. A quirky design—sprinkled with a bit of Y2K—to accentuate Blancour's fun and experimental vision while capturing the essence of their slogan: "beauty in motion".
Pre-product landing page. Landing page contains a large banner section with a call to action: join the motion.