My friends say I’m funny, hardworking, diligent, and organized. I bring two years of design experience, blending creativity with practicality to craft user-centric solutions.
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About me
My design journey began after I cut myself struggling to open a clamshell package. The painful experience sparked my curiosity for design, and eventually developed into a passion (no pain, no gain am I right?).

I am driven by my curious and detail-oriented nature. I can spend hours perfecting my designs, honing my craft, and learning new skills. I also hate procrastinating (no kidding). I am proud of those traits, and I try my best to apply those in my design process.

I take photos in my spare time to share my glimpse of the world. I also hoop, passionately follow the Blazers and Packers, bop to music, build legos, and ski.
Tufts University
Blancour, designer (freelance)
Amplify, UI/UX design intern
Carnegie Park Capital, intern
My expertise
Web Design
Mobile Design
User Research
Yo Gio, why do you design?
for fun.
Design is my passion, not a job.
to help others.
As Brenda Laurel said, “design isn't finished until somebody is using it".
for you.
Let's bring your vision to life!